@ Boston College

EagleMUNC proudly reflects the Jesuit Foundation of Boston College


Boston College, founded in 1863, is among America’s most prestigious Catholic Universities. The University’s rich political history includes alumni such as Speaker of the House of Representatives Tip O’Neil, Secretary of State John Kerry, and US Senator Scott Brown. Boston College has often occupied a platform of political prominence from involvement in the Northern Ireland Peace Process to the educational nexus of the Kennedy family, for which John F. Kennedy denoted the university the “Jesuit Ivy.” EagleMUNC seeks to espouse the Jesuit hallmark of “Curis Personalis,” or care for the entire person, the core of a dynamic EagleMUNC diplomat. The Jesuit tenement of Social Justice in Leadership is the principal lesson that EagleMUNC hopes to impart upon its delegates, as real world power and influence requires an innate sense of human justice.

EagleMUNC offers the best of a Boston College experience, with both a conference emphasis on our great city of Boston and an array of programs and opportunities on our beautiful, historic campus. EagleMUNC campus opportunities include:

The EagleMUNC Academy

EagleMUNC delegates will be faced with a continuous, 40-hour simulation. This requires them to fully engage as the leaders they represent. In order to maximize delegates’ mastery of both Parliamentary Procedure and traditional Model UN skill, as well as the art of success in an immersive simulation, EagleMUNC offers the EagleMUNC Academy. Hosted in Boston College’s iconic Gasson Hall, the academy will feature guest speakers from the Boston College faculty, representatives of the United Nations Association, and the decorated EagleMUNC Secretariat. Lessons and speakers will discuss the global affairs/issues at hand in our EagleMUNC Committees, strategic debate style in parliamentary procedure, dynamic strategies for partaking in a simulation, and the tricks of the trade in Model UN strategy.

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The EagleMUNC Admissions Program

Boston College stands among the most prestigious national universities in America and the world. Fortunately, Model UN Delegates (and particularly EagleMUNC Delegates!) tend to be among the most competitive college applicants in America. With this in mind, EagleMUNC takes full advantage of its ties with the Boston College Office of Undergraduate Admissions. The EagleMUNC Admissions Program features small group seminars with Boston College Admissions Directors, campus tours led by Boston College Tour Guides, and the opportunity to interview with a representative of the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Parents are welcome!

Honorary EagleMUNC Professor Kathleen Bailey

EagleMUNC is proud to recognize Political Science Professor and Associate Director of the Islamic Civilization and Societies Program Kathleen Bailey as our Honored EagleMUNC faculty member. Bailey is the author of the forthcoming Clan and Politics in Uzbekistan and has published articles in dozens of national journals. EagleMUNC Academy delegates will have the opportunity to hear from and interact with Professor Bailey in preparation to represent their post of global significance throughout the conference.


On Campus Activities:
Thursday, March 27th
1:00-4:00 Professor Talk and Student-led Discussions
4:00-6:00 Admissions Tour and Student Panel

Important Dates

Mark your calendars!

Early Registration

May 1st - June 30th

Regular Registration

July 1st - December 31st

Late Registration

January 1st - March 1st

Conference Date

Friday, March 18th - Sunday, March 20th